Glastonbury Methodist Church Drinking Fountain

August 1, 2011: holy well at
Glastonbury Methodist church, Glastonbury, England.

Glastonbury Methodist Church Drinking Fountain
~ Lambrook Street, Glastonbury, England BA6 8BY Phone 01458 442313 ~

There is not much available about this font, drinking fountain, and/or well. The Methodist chapel was built around 1843. To the left of the chapel where the well font currently sits was a pond for washing carts – this was covered over to form a brick-arched reservoir, which was first mentioned in 1821 property deeds. The reservoir is underneath the lawn and contains over 31,500 gallons of water. It still accessed by the Fire Department when necessary and is owned by Bristol Water. The Well font is believed to connect to this and appears to be for drinking. At the time of my visit, there was a blue ribbon attached to it and a cup filled with water sitting in the font. There were no signs stating whether it is safe to drink or not, but I assumed such.

It is known by tourists as a “drinking fountain” and is inset into the front stone wall of the church’s facade, opening onto the street. The sign to the left of it says “commit no nuisance.” Near the apex of the ornate drinking fountain is a hand that points to the right (or south) around which is inscribed “TO THE TOR”.

This is also the Methodist church that has the “Glastonbury Thorn Trees” on its property that oddly blooms twice a year instead of once and is from whence the budded branch during Christmas is sent to the Queen.

Rated: 3 of 5 stars. Visited 8/1/2011. ~ Review by Leaf McGowan/Thomas Baurley, Techno Tink media ~

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