The Highfield Holy Well (near Swords, Ireland)

Highfield Well by Highfield House

Our Lady’s Well / Highfield Well by Highfield House B&B
Forest Road, Dublin/Feltrim/Fingal/Swords, Ireland

As common a name as many across the Irish landscape of “Our Lady’s Well” or simply “Holy Well”, a term given to most holy wells during their Christianization and dedication to the Virgin Mary before being assigned to a given Saint, this holy well is no different. In addition, as with many holy wells, it is no longer extant as a well demolished by means of residential construction. Water sources flow still from the area, but not from the well itself. It was originally recorded in 1755 and rebuilt in 1757.

The pump was removed around 1895. It was noted by Nichols of Leicestershire in 1811 as “On the road to Lutterworth, within a few yards of Hinckley Town, is a spring called The Holy Well, originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and once known by the name of Our Lady’s Well, the water of which is exquisitely clear and good”. The area was dotted with numerous wells, most of which are no longer extant. These were Cogg’s Well, Christopher Stevenson’s Spa, the Priest Hills, Feltrim Hill (dried up due to quarrying), and St. Werburth’s Well.

This Holy Well was dried up by digging for gravel, apparently, another well opened up across the road over which in 1757 was placed a neat brick pillar inscribed “Rebuilt 1757”. Now all stands is a residential community and a Bed & Breakfast. A small bridge and stream exist below seepage fed by remnants of wells/springs in the area.

Location: SP433940. Near Forest Road, Fingal / Dublin County, near Swords, Ireland. Close by the Highfield House B&B.

Highfield Well by Highfield House

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