The Martin River (Ireland)

The Martin River, County Cork

Martin River at Blarney Castle

The Martin River is actually a stream that runs through County Cork, Munster, situated near the Gothic Bridge and Saint Anns Hill. It originates at the Lyradane Mountain, halfway between Mallow and Blarney. It empties into the Shournagh River and then the River Lee, onwards to Cork Harbour. The Martin River streams right through the legendary lands of Blarney Castle. Therefore, it is imbued with Blarney Lore and Legend. Even the grounds in its gardens have their attractions and history, as small caves and structures in the Rock Close garden may have neolithic habitation possibilities, and potentially the home to a mythical witch that was trapped in a rock.

The Blarney Witch is said to have servitude to the Castle to grant wishes for those walking up and down the Wishing Steps backward with their eyes closed focusing on only their wish. The Close also has a Dolmen, Fairy Circle, as well as a Druid’s cave and ceremonial circle. The Martin River that runs through the estate is believed to be possessed by ghosts of salmons leaping for ghosts of flies. Enchanted cows walk from the depths of the lake to graze on the meadows below the castle. There is also a glade where Faeries are believed to be at play.

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